Ovaria borderline tumor – fertility-sparing surgery; case report

Authors: M. Železná Teyschlová 2;  L. Rob 1 ;  H. Robová 1 ;  M. Pluta 2;  J. Macháč 1
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika gynekologie a porodnictví 2. LF UK a FN Motol, Praha, přednosta prof. MUDr. L. Rob, CSc. 1;  Gynekologicko porodnické oddělení Nemocnice Boskovice s. r. o., primář MUDr. J. Machač 2
Published in: Ceska Gynekol 2015; 80(2): 162-166


The borderline tumors are known as low malignant potential tumors. Usually younger women suffer for them, than by the invasive ovarian carcinoma. They often whish to be pregnant. The fertility-sparing surgery is posile but contain higher risk of the new dissease on contralateral ovary.

ovaria borderline tumor, fertility-sparing surgery, prognosis


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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine
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